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The Hows, Dos and Don’ts of Craps

Craps is often referred to as the noisiest game in the house (meaning the casino). It is a quick-paced game where the bettors and stickmen (the guy with a stick who controls how fast the game goes) compete with each other calling out bets or urging people to bet before the dice roll. It is a dice game wherein players bet against the house. For someone who has no idea how craps is played, it seems that people are yelling or groaning over the same roll of the dice, but craps is a game of timing and sequence, and if you keep an ear and eye open, you should not have a problem following the game or even betting successfully on it.

Basics of Craps

The first thing a craps player needs to know is where to place a bet on the craps table. There are several options open (with about 40 possible combinations depending on what part of the game you are betting in) but the easiest to remember are the line bets, which are also the safest types of bet in Craps. The most common line bet is the Pass bet.

The Pass line is a section of the table where you place a bet before the first toss of the dice in the round, called a come out toss. The one doing the tossing is the shooter. In making a Pass bet, you are betting that the shooter will either roll a seven or eleven. If he does, you and the shooter wins and the round is over. If the shooter rolls a craps (which is 2, 3 or 12) both you and the shooter loses and the round is over. If any other number is rolled (4,5,6,8,9,10) then this is called a point number and the dealer puts a marker (it resembles a hockey puck) on the number. The shooter must then roll the point number before a seven comes out. The shooter tries again and again until either the point number or a seven comes out, whichever comes first. If the point is made, which means the point number came out before the seven, the round is over and you win even money. If the seven comes out first, this is called Out 7 which means you lose and the dice is then passed to another shooter.

The opposite of the Pass bet is the Don’t Pass bet, which also has space on the table. Don’t Pass is the opposite of a Pass bet, except in some casinos you only automatically win if the craps is 2 or 3. A 12 gives you a draw or push to keep the house edge. It is considered a bad faith bet because it operates counter to the rules of the normal game.

Another type of the craps line bet is the Pass Odds or Odds bets, which is allowed for players who bet on the pass line first. Craps players simply move their bet outside the pass line and they are allowed to take odds on the possibility of the point number appearing before a seven is rolled by as much as 5 times the original Pass bet and they get true odds based on the point number. A 4 or 10 point number gets 2-1 odds, 5 or 9 gets 2-3 and 6 or 8 gets 5-6. The opposite of this bet is the Don’t Pass Odds.

The Come bet is a line bet that can be made anytime after the come out roll by placing money on the Come bet box on the table. It operates along the same rules as the Pass bet except that it takes precedence over any Odds bet on the table unless the player tells the craps dealer his odds are on, in which case both Come and Odds bets win or lose at the same time.

There are also single roll bets, also called proposition bets for single shooter rolls where bettors place their faith on ace-deuce (3), snake eyes (2), or craps (12). There is also the Big Red or Any 7 (7). Or, they could have a combined bet, C (craps) or E (eleven, also known as yo for some reason) or hi-lo (2 or12). There is also the Field bet, where the player bets that any of the numbers except 7 and 11 will come out, with a 2 or 12 carrying 2 or 3:1 odds while even money is offered for the other numbers. The Horn involves betting on four numbers at the same time (2, 3, 11, 12), typically one unit each, although in Horn High, one number carries an extra unit i.e. $2 for 11, $1 each for the other numbers.

Multi-roll bets in craps are on the numbers that appear prior to a roll of a 7 excluding 2 and 3. In Hard way bets, the number bet upon (4, 6, 8,10) must come out in identical values i.e. two 3s is a Hard 6. In Easy way bets, the numbers appear with different dice values i.e. 1 and 3 make an Easy 4. The Place and Buy is specifically identifying a number that will appear before a 7 is rolled (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10). Placing a number is offered at lower odds while buying a number offers true odds but winning bets are charged a percentage by the house. Otherwise, the mechanics are the same. The Big 6 or Big 8 bets are place/buy bets at even money. And finally in the Lay bet, the player places his money on the chance that the 7 will come out before the number laid (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10). It pays true odds but winning bets are normally charged a commission.

These are the most popular bets in craps, and they are statistically weighed based on the house advantage. The safest craps bets, meaning the bets with the smallest house advantage are Pass and Come bets at 1.41%. Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets are actually 1.36%, but they are not considered sporting bets and most serious craps players avoid them for as part of etiquette. The bet with the highest house advantage is the Any 7 single roll bet at 16.67%. The average craps player is expected to lose because the odds paid is lower than the actual odds, and since it is a completely random game, no strategy for winning will be successful for an extended period.

Betting Systems

Nevertheless, there are some systems in craps more popular than others even if they are inherently flawed. The Martingale system aims for a one unit net win for every eventual win by starting with $1 bets and doubling this after every loss and goes back to $1 upon winning. The gambler’s fallacy in craps is based on the false assumption of the correlation of the probabilities between past and future dice rolls. Yet another is the parity hedge system, which is actually not a system but a hoax spread by a gambling website to gullible and hopeful craps players.

Player Etiquette

As in any endeavor where you deal with other people, generally accepted rules of behavior must be observed to promote a harmonious environment. Here are some behaviors a craps player should observe to avoid becoming a pariah in the house.
• Keep to the spot assigned you by the dealer. With many craps players around, it would be hard for the dealer to keep track of the bets if you keep moving it around.
• Tip the craps dealers often, especially if you go to one house all the time.
• Place money you need to change in front of you instead of trying to hand them directly to a craps dealer. They are barred from doing this. Make sure you make your intentions clear or it may be taken for a bet.
• Wait for everyone to cash in after each round before putting a new bet on the table.
• Always speak politely and calmly to the craps dealer and make your intentions clear to the stickman regarding your bets. No need to hurry because the stickman will wait for you.
• Avoid coming in contact with the dice if you are not the shooter, especially when the stickman sweeps it across the table for the next roll. If it comes up bad, you will get blamed for it.
• When it is your turn to shoot, use only one hand to roll the dice and keep it in plain sight of everybody at the craps table.
• Try to hit the other side of the craps table because this is expected. The worse thing that could happen when throwing a little too hard is the dice will fly off the table, which would be declared a “no roll.” It is okay as long as you do not make it a habit.


Perhaps because no one system is guaranteed, many superstitious beliefs abound among craps players. They need all the help they can get. Here are a few of them:
• Changing the dice in the middle of a round is unlucky
• Never say “seven” when a player is rolling.
• A penny under the table is lucky.
• Don’t speak to or touch a person on a good roll.
• Throwing both dice in the air before shooting is bad luck.
• When a die or the dice falls off the table, the next roll is a 7.
• A “virgin” woman roller will have a hot roll, while a “virgin” man will have bad ones.
• Never open a table; the dice are cold and will give bad rolls.

Roxy Palace Casino reviews

Roxy Palace

Roxy Palace is an online Casino designed by Microgaming Software Systems, the leading developer of Internet gaming software. The main characteristic of Roxy Palace is that it features over two hundred games. All games in Roxy Palace possess unmatched levels of classic and realistic design with user friendly and crispiness for an exhilarating playing. Roxy Palace is authorized by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta for its remote gaming methods.

To get started in Roxy Palace online Casino, the step-by-step guide will help you on how to start playing in Roxy Palace. The first thing to do in Roxy Palace is downloading the Casino software and installing it. Free casino software is available for fast download which will automatically and seamlessly updates whenever there is an enhancement or a new game. The next step will guide you on how to play for real money. Also you can try it for free. Still if you have any questions on how to get started or any other matter, you can contact the Casino staffs who will assist you on any matters regarding the games.

Roxy Palace Casino offers a preview of games available. You can get an impression on different game illustrations of what the game is and how it will look like.

Roxy Palace games include six progressive slots, progressive cyberstud, progressive roulette, nine video progressive slots, progressive blackjack, two video progressive Pokers plus more than hundred additional slots highlighting both three and five reels with many pay lines and bonus slots.

Roxy Palace is a place to play all your most wanted table games such as poker pursuit, Blackjack, roulette, Sic Bo, craps, cyberstud poker, baccarat, keno and multi-hand Blackjack. Also Roxy Palace provides a virtual fact feeling through audio and video technology which gives a feel and look of a live casino. It is a wonderful place to play all your favorite games on the internet without leaving the comfort of your home.

Video poker in Roxy Palace provides an additional 46 games which includes five Poker games in which one can play four video poker hands at the same time, seven Poker games in which one can play ten video poker hands all at the same time and nine Poker games where one can play fifty video poker hands all at one time and in seven Poker games one can play hundred video poker hands.

Roxy Palace launches new games every month giving the customers more chance to win. It improves the gaming even better with improved user interface and easier ways to cash-in more points and better rewards on certain games.

Roxy Palace is a safe place to play casino. It has been reviewed by authorized auditors especially for the game outcomes for Blackjack and Roulette. The random number generator is used to ensure that the performance is truly random. The auditors have confirmed that the random number generator in these games consistently generated random numbers and it is fair to play the game using random number generator. Since it is supplied by the world's leading provider of online casino systems, it proves absolutely random results. This system has been rigorously tested on its ongoing basis.

You will certainly be in a state of composure while playing in Roxy Palace as each transaction is recorded to avoid unlikely disputes. So the entire audit tract is there for all games and you can view the entire play history using the PlayCheck credibility system. You can get all details of where your balls have landed in Roulette or what cards you have dealt with in Blackjack or in what order the reels have lined up in the slot machine. All the accounts are open to external review by independent auditors if there is a need. Roxy Palace audit trail system guarantees every step or every move you take while dealing with the game. Maximum security and confidentiality is their top priority. Also Roxy Palace Casino publishes monthly reports stating the percentage of payouts and other details of the games. Independent auditors review these payout percentages. The latest review can be viewed by the customer.

Roxy Palace provides the customers a safe, fair and sociable environment. It has implemented the latest data protection and encryption standards and methods. No fraud or underage gambling is allowed and if there is so, it will be detected by their expert staffs who watch the individuals who come to abuse the pleasure of casino gaming.

Customers are their greatest wealth and so they take huge effort to create a sincere, honest and reliable relationship with every individual who register in Roxy Palace. The winners are paid at an appointed time and the Roxy Palace staffs are so friendly and trustworthy that they pay personal attention to every customer’s need throughout the day and for the whole week.

The banking section in Roxy Palace provides help for the customers as it provides satisfactory answers to most common issues. It gives you information on how to deposit casino credits, how to increase deposit limits, how to make secure transactions and bonus details.

The Player’s Club membership in Roxy Palace is open to all players who play for real money. You can earn players club points for every bet you place. Also it rewards bonus points for top wagering members. The more you play the more points you will earn in return and these points can be redeemed into casino cash at any time. Also Roxy Palace displays the monthly winner’s sheet with winners’ names, the game they have played, the amount secured and the date of playing.

Roxy Palace online casino is for entertainment value only. Read the online terms and conditions before using Roxy Palace website and online casino. In addition to all the terms and conditions of Roxy Palace, there are certain conditions that govern promotions and special offers offered to players. It is important to familiarize all the terms and conditions before accepting any special offers. On the whole Roxy Palace online Casino website is easy to use and a safer place to play games. So register, deposit and start playing in Roxy Palace online casino.