PokerUsher is a table selection software for online poker players. Poker Usher seats you at the softest and most profitable tables on the Internet every single time you play - tables filled with only the most unskilled of possible opponents who will constantly be pushing their money over to you. You can offer this poker tool to your visitors for FREE. The poker gamblers have the option to deposit money with one of our poker room partners, and when this is done, they get a license emailed to them! We also have the option to buy the software for those who choose not to deposit. The majority of the transactions are related to the FREE offer!

it and go shark is software that helps the online gambler in his Sit and Go tournaments online. In a nutshell, Sit And Go Shark is an "advice engine". The software attaches to your online poker game, watches what happens, and then gives you customized advice in every situation. Given the complex nature of Texas Holdem poker-- and the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of possible situations covered-- it's safe to say Sit And GO Shark is a REVOLUTIONARY tool that will change the face of your online pokerplay.


Coach Rounder is software who coaches you to be a better poker player. The software is built by the famous poker player Roy Rounder! He gives you 7-page report with simple, step-by-step instructions of how you can improve your online poker game. You’re entitled to an UNLIMITED number of reports for every game typer. Each report simply requires 500 hands to be completed (that way I have enough data to look at). The types of reports are: • No Limit Tournament Report • No Limit Ring Game Report • Limit Tournament Report • Limit Ring Game Report You can offer this poker tool to your visitors for FREE. The poker gamblers have the option to deposit money with one of our poker room partners, and when this is done, they get a license emailed to them! We also have the option to buy the software for those who choose not to deposit. --------------------------------------------------------------- Calculatem Pro is a software that helps the online gambler calculate poker odds in real-time, thereby helping the online poker gambler to increase his likelihood of wining! Texas Calculatem is the most widespread real-time online odds-calculator. The software supports +100 rooms. It is updated daily and has several special features! You can offer this poker tool to your visitors for FREE. The poker gamblers have the option to deposit money with one of our poker room partners, and when this is done, they get a license emailed to them! We also have the option to buy the software for those who choose not to deposit. The majority of the transactions are related to the FREE offer! ------------------------------------------------------ Holdem Genius is a software that helps the online gambler calculate poker odds in real-time, thereby helping the online poker gambler to increase his likelihood of wining! Texas Calculatem is the most widespread real-time online odds-calculator. The software supports +100 rooms. It is updated daily and has several special features! You can offer this poker tool to your visitors for FREE. The poker gamblers have the option to deposit money with one of our poker room partners, and when this is done, they get a license emailed to them! We also have the option to buy the software for those who choose not to deposit. The majority of the transactions are related to the FREE offer! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Texas Calculatem is a software that helps the online gambler calculate poker odds in real-time, thereby helping the online poker gambler to increase his likelihood of wining! Texas Calculatem is the most widespread real-time online odds-calculator. The software supports +100 rooms. It is updated daily and has several special features! You can offer this poker tool to your visitors for FREE. The poker gamblers have the option to deposit money with one of our poker room partners, and when this is done, they get a license emailed to them! We also have the option to buy the software for those who choose not to deposit. The majority of the transactions are related to the FREE offer!

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After a long day of work, all that a person wants to do, is get home and unwind; either plays a sport or watches some TV and spend their evenings. But there are others, who prefer other sorts of entertainment, they are the adventurous kind. Not only do they like playing wild games, but also betting with money and maybe trying their luck. They would visit a casino near their home or drive down couple of miles to the one that has poker games on all through the evening. Casinos are places where people go to spend their leisure time; it has within its walls, gambling, shopping, restaurants, and various other attractions. Las Vegas, in America is said to be the city with most number of casinos. However, if a person lives in a town with no casinos, they might resort to playing a few games on the computer. Poker is a game that requires a lot of concentration and the ability to outsmart the opponents. For this purpose, there is software called Calculatem Pro that is available to avid players. Through this tool, the players can leverage on their game and understand where they stand.

Since the web world has various poker games, one can choose the one they are interested in. Poker is a game played using cards, and a percentage of luck. A game where the dealer deals three cards for each player in the first round and the one with the highest points in all their cards wins. They place bets in the central pot and each one depending on how high their scores are keep raising the bar. An advice given to poker players is not to underestimate their opponent assuming they have lower value cards. This might work against them, and poker players are known to be good actors, not revealing anything on their face. The dealer will pull out cards from the white box and deal depending on how the game goes. And if a person feels he is losing out, he will fold and be out of the game. Just like all this is done in a real game, there is a dealer, mostly the computer while playing online. Here players, can login to the website, and see the others around, and choose their opponents for the game. Calculatem Pro is a tool that comes in handy when the player is not an expert but wishes to play it safe. They can use this to play like an expert and since it has been recognized by the Card Player magazine, it holds high value.

Calculatem Pro uses the latest technology, combined with keen calculating tools that give the user most accurate data. It is said to have more than 20,000players in its folds and all of them rely on the analysis done by this software before placing their bets. Be it Absolut poker, Noble poker, Pacific Poker or Full Tilt, all the poker games can be played using the software. There are also 100s of other poker rooms where you can find a group and begin playing online. Beginners and those who are just getting their footing in the game are advised to keep it simple, trying to understand what is going on in others mind and reading the cards right. For a beginner, the terms such as outs, implied odds, or pot odds might not make too much sense, so it’s better for them to read up, or observe others playing before diving in. For example, a game where there are six or fewer players is called as Shorthand. And if the amount that one can use to bet might be either $2-5 and in this case, it is a game of Limit poker.

If you are wondering how much money to invest when you click on “play game” on your website, you need to start with small amounts and then work your way. Maybe start off with $50 or $100, and see how you fare in the game. Most of the sites give a joining bonus, of either $50 or $150, depending on the site. All you need to do is register yourself on the poker online website before playing. Once you join, you can simultaneously install the Calculatem Pro so you play safe and smart. With time, you will have gained enough experience to know how to assess others and their cards.

With the Texas Calculatem Pro, you are sure to learn the ropes fast and earn higher wins. Know your cards, understand how much each card is worth and the leading pairs that will give you a winning hand and those that are of no use, which means you either bluff and play on luck or fold and opt out. This odds calculator will also give you advice on what to do based on the cards you hold, and on the number of opponents involved in the game. If it says you have 80% chance of winning, you will see this coming true in about 4 out of 5 games. The dashboard with its easy to read information, and the odds clearly marked out in different colours is clear indicators of what to do and how to play the game. For those who are desperate for a win, they will attempt to cheat. The player might try to snare extra chips which they are not entitled to, or marking cards to be able to spot who has what card. While playing online, one or more of the players might reveal their cards to each other, thereby trying to team up and win against others. There might be others who think they are being smart, who will pull out their net connection if their cards are not good, and others will raise the bet to a high and get out of the game hoping to hit jackpot. All these are practices that are monitored and caught on by the site owners, so best is to play fair and straight.

In every aspect of our life, we need someone to guide us and walk us through till we are comfortable and confident. This holds true in our personal and professional lives, and even while playing games, we need someone to teach us how to go about playing it. If a person is interested in cricket, they will begin by reading up about the game, to gain some knowledge, or watch matches either live or on the TV. Once he is satisfied with his knowledge, he will don the pads and hold a cricket bat and get ready to play. He might lose out on the first few matches, but that is bound to happen. Similarly, for all those who are into gambling or enjoy a game of poker with their friends, they will have fun playing at any of the online poker sites. Here too, they have software and tools to help them out, and give them timely advice. Playing online is easier and more relaxed, but it does have its own share of ups and downs, since Poker is a game that involves sensible thinking and the ability to act fast. Coach Rounder is a learning device aimed at equipping beginners with adequate data and knowledge to take off and win during their early games

When surfing the net, you might find a poker site that appeals to you, you can then register with them, or go with a site that your friend recommended. Every site offers multiple poker rooms to choose from and play in. this software Coach Rounder is compatible with about 35of these, so make sure to be on a site that you can use the data with. Some of the tips you pick up from this tool can be used while playing in a real live game as well. Giving a step by step analysis of your cards and the game, this tool enables the player to take wise decisions and to cut their losses. It does analysis based on the cards dealt with and going by the cards left in the stack which would be dealt after every round. Be it a no-limit ring game, or tournament or maybe the limit ring game and tournament, this tool can be applied to understand the way the game moves. For the price you pay, you will be able to rake in more returns, however if you are not happy or lucky enough, you can return and demand full refund. For every poker player, their aim is to either hold the cards with highest value or to be able to play smart enough to become a winner with low scoring cards. This is possible only if they know the game, and to read up about it on the net or using books.

A common mistake that most players do is to stick to one form of betting game, they are advised to try out different games to better their betting skills. If you lose $10 of your $60 bet, you have still managed to save your money, and learnt a valuable lesson from the game. And once you have mastered the game, you can participate in the online poker tournaments to win a huge prize. In an internet game, an ante is made at the beginning by all the players, depending on the bet amount fixed by the game. Apart from this, there will be about 5 rounds of betting, and the player with lowest score will start the betting. The internet games use either real money or game currency while playing and most beginners are encouraged to start off using the gaming money so they don’t end up incurring big losses. This will also give them time to learn and practice their betting, bluffing skills. The Coach Rounder is a boon for all beginners, and to others who’ve been playing for a while as well. It helps them take timely decision and helps them out every step of the way on all their games. It will do all the thinking required and provide them with information and data to follow while playing. It comes in handy if a person uses a internet explorer that has multiple tab facility, which will help them open Coach Rounder in one and their game in the other alternating between the two to keep up with the analysis and outputs being churned out.

Just like in every game, there are those who try to cheat and win a few extra dollars, here too in the web world there are some who cheat. While in a live game in the casino, players might try to scam with the dealer and create fake cards or mark certain cards to know who holds the high value cards, and so on. In the internet poker, there are people who try to hack into games and play spoil sport, and break through the security system to try to sabotage a game in process. Active cheating is very common, wherein players team up and work towards the loot, but this is easy to detect and most the time the automated system intercepts and breaks this up. Passive cheating is where the players do a collusion which is hard to detect, they reveal their cards to another player so they can leverage on the odds when the time comes. If there is more than 4players, if all start sharing information, it becomes difficult to have a fair game. Infact there are some who go to the extent of using cheat software to view others cards, in most cases these are people desperate for a win. Since the player’s data is all stored on the website, it can be tracked to who the player who is consorting to such cheating and they can be evicted and barred from playing on that site. All it takes is a few shots at the game using Coach Rounder and one can sit back and go with the flow to win steady returns.

Imagine playing a game of cards, when one person wins all the time? This would definitely get the others wondering how or what is it he has that gets him to win all the games. They might be professionals or people who have been playing poker for years, but might lose to this one man who stands out like a sore thumb. For all you know, he would have just recently begun playing poker and might not have even participated in a single tournament. The secret behind his streak of winning hands is use of Holdem Genius, poker software used by many to help them get the upper hand and win. By using this, players get the added advantage of having a genius by their side. It is almost like the other pro is playing and the player is simply moving the cards or placing bets based on the orders belted out by this other person. That is exactly how it is, if we were to observe the computer screen of a person playing online poker with the help of the software, they would have another tab open with updates flowing in every minute guiding them on what to do.

An odd calculator is what the Holdem Genius is and it has several options to choose from for display of analyzed data – Game information, or next card mode. If one were to opt for Next window module, it would show the card that the player is going to get at the next draw. If the next card is of a high value, the screen shows what your outs will yield you. Since it is a simple software to use, the data displayed is also very direct, clear cut and easy to comprehend by the players. It also gives out the probability of the player winning percentage along with pot odds, total outs, and the probability of opponent hand improvements. The calculations are done with 100% accuracy and so the output can be relied on with closed eyes. The player’s chance of getting better will be shown till the last card, which is the river. When information is available at the click of a button, it makes it easy for the player to understand, and act accordingly.

The beginners and others are advised to read the instructions carefully before using the software to make full use of the same. Also the data displayed is almost like looking at the game through x-ray vision, to be able to predict the future and bet accordingly. 9 out of 10 games will lead to your winning the money collected in the pot. There might be times when the player might feel they have a bad hand or no straight flush, and might be ready to fold, but with the help of Holdem genius, they can put this off and end up winning. While playing online poker, and if using this tool, one can see the screen light up with various data and show a poker table with the players around it and who has what card. It is so specific that you can almost track every movement made on the game. Since it is connected to the game you are playing, it monitors all moves and bets made using it in generating reports.

With the increase in number of online poker increasing, so does the poker room available on various sites. Playing online is very similar to playing in a casino, only difference being you are not holding the cards or throwing chips on the table. Apart from this, every other aspect of the game is the same, down to how the table looks, the score card and so on. In the online arena, you will see a screen with a virtual version of how many people are present, their names, the cards dealt with and other details related to the game in one window. For a person using Holdem Genius, they will have an additional window open that will display the data and what move to make at the next dealing. Or how much to bet when it is their turn, all this depending on the number of players and the card the player holds. Don’t be surprised if you come across information on the net regarding players cheating. At times money drives people to resort to nasty ways in trying to earn an extra $100. They might use the most common method of collusion where two or more players gang up with each other, reveal their cards to each other, so they know what is coming up in the next round. Or there might be a person who has created multiple accounts with a website, and has many computers in one room, where he causes self collusion. This is where he is the main player and there might be one or two others, this way he has an advantage over everyone else and stands to win hands down. This is legally not allowed but there are people who are technologically well versed, who will camouflage their IP address and deceive the system which will not be able to detect his actions.

Before getting into a real game, every player must play a couple of free games available on the websites. This will help them understand the game, and rules involved in the same. Since this is free of charge, they can take advantage of this and play as much as they want. And they are encouraged to download and use Holdem Genius for these as well, so that it becomes easier when they make the transition into real games. They can then sign up with the site, pay through their credit cards for the account and chips and commence their live game. To get an edge over other players, to be able to know what’s coming even before the move is made is what they gain from using the software, which is easy and compatible with almost all the online poker websites.

When we walk into a auditorium for an event, we will be greeted by an usher who will direct us to our seats. This is most common in churches at weddings, and these people are present to guide visitors to find their seating and help occupy empty seats. In a music concert, the usher’s job would be to direct people based on the value of the tickets and make sure people are in their right arena to avoid confusion. The ones with highest value will be nearest to the stage and so on the trend will follow. If a person were to play a game of poker using poker usher, they are assured of seating in a table where they are likely to win the most. This is possible only because the software collects information about the other players playing at a particular time and the data about the weakest players are sieved and you are seated right next to them. You might wonder how this will help you win, but worry not, simply follow the guidance of the Poker usher and watch the chips pour in.

If the players don’t have any external help, they would randomly choose a table and play a game, if the others are all pros, then the player is in deep trouble. So, by helping them sit in the right table, the Poker usher enables them to concentrate on the game without worrying about their opponents. It chooses the softest table, which would ensure the player gets high returns since the other players will be on their level or lower. The game will not be easy, or any different, but your chances of winning will be high as the others will be easy to beat. An innovative concept is what this is, and it has been welcomed by many players since choosing the right game is the crux of any game. It is the concept of – even if you are the 100th best in the world, in that table, you will be the number 1 winner. This will make any player happy and so the number of people who are using this tool is increasing with everyday. There are some who have never played poker earlier, but today are earning hundreds, if not thousands of dollars through this.

When you go about playing games, it is wise to keep track of the people who are the weakest as this will get loaded on Poker usher. When you add names to the buddy list, you can see where they are playing and make a beeline for that table. And the next time you sign in for a game, it will lead you to a table filled with such weak players and you can weave your magic and win the pot. Since this software is compatible with Absolut poker, party poker and pacific poker rooms for the time being, if you are involved in any of these games, you can leverage on the tool. Or you can choose any of the games in these rooms and make a dash for it. In case you are playing poker for the first time you can benefit from this tool by monitoring the data it observes – the number of players on your table, or hands as they are called, which includes you will be noted. Apart from this, the money put in the pot outside of the betting amount; how often a player the flop is raised and the losses incurred by the players. Using these criteria, the Poker Usher calculates your ratings and helps you through to the game.

The software gets connected to the rooms in the online poker site, gets information about all the active tables where games are in process and based on your past record, will choose the right table for you. If in case you are not able to find a spot on the table you are interested in, you will have to add your name to the waiting list option in the Poker Usher software to be able to find that seat when it gets free. You can save time by using the software, however, for those not using this, they will have to go to the game lobby and look for an available table. This is similar to going to a restaurant, and booking a table. All you need to do is call and make a reservation and wait till they let you know on table availability instead of you getting to the venue and waiting in the lobby. For those poker players who already use Poker Tracker, it does most of the functions of a Usher but does not choose the table with the weakest players, it will choose an available table for you to play in. For those trying to cheat, they connect one set of keyboard and mouse to various CPU’s thereby able to control the actions of five people, who are multiple identities created by them. So, they become their own opponents and in case there are other players, they are left at the weaker end of the deal. What happens here is that you will not be able to view the other player’s cards unless you break into the poker site, and hack the system, so you need to be alert and play every round carefully.

For a beginner to be aware of all these aspects of poker, they need to do plenty of ground work and then delve into this game. If they play well, and make use of Poker Usher’s features to leverage on the seating arrangement, they can win easily. For most people, gambling is a way of earning some additional income, but since they play with their own money, they need to be careful about how they play. This software does solve half the battle, the other half can be solved by playing against the other players, where beating them would be an easy task since we already know their playing abilities.

Just like we need help with a lot of things in our daily life, there are people and software available to help us while we play as well. Now that everyone is going virtual, and businesses are being carried out using the internet, there are various gaming sites that have emerged. Ranging from jigsaw puzzles to poker, all of them have a site dedicated for people interested in playing them. There are many who work long flexible hours or who don’t have the time or energy to go out. They might not be able to visit a gaming arcade of casino at the end of a tiring day; for them, these websites offer the same kind of fun from the comfort of their homes. There are various sites offering hundreds of poker rooms to choose from. For those who need some extra assistance, they can take the help of the software called Sit and go shark available for purchase. This tool is just so they can have better control over the game and not strike out too many times, helping them to win and make the most of the games.

While playing in the casinos, one will not be able to use any of these Sit and go Shark kind of software, but one can do some reading, understand how they operate and use the tips generated. It helps build a better working system within us that we shall carry along no matter where poker is being played. Through this tool, on can calculate the odds and which will help beat the other hands on the table. Sit and go poker games are one category of poker that are played in a short span of time, and it could have just 2 players or as many as 50 or 60. Sit and go Sharks are used to give the player insights and helpful tips on what move to make, and they take only a few seconds to do the calculations. They take into consideration everything from the cards that the player using the tool has been dealt with to the way the pot odds are positioned every time a person plays the cards. Every bet that is made is based on predictions and computations carried out with past data, and keeping in mind the cards that others could be holding at the game.

In the Texas Holdem games, there is no time to spare, and so the Sit and Go shark instantly uses mathematical and statistical analysis to study the data. And it churns out impressive and accurate information that the player can use to his advantage. It also makes note of your position, that is, where on the table you are seated. If you are at the position called under the gun, you are among the last to deal, and so have time to decide, whereas if you sitting near the dealer, you will have to take a call first. And in the latter case, you don’t have much time to think or study the other players, which might be a disadvantage. The pace at which the game is moving is another aspect that is monitored, so as to reveal to the player who are the ones with high scores and those with weaker ones. If you know this, you can take over and attack that person thereby hitting it big in the game. When a person has a moderate collection of cards, and he picks up strong ones from another player, he can use that to knock him down. Now, this is another decision taken by the software that gives tips and inputs every minute to the players.

There are various Sit and Go tournaments that take place on the internet, and this tool is primarily used by most people while participating in these games. Since the stakes are higher and the players are bound to be professionals, the abilities of the Sit and go shark software is put to test and it comes out a winner 90% of the times. When a game is played for hours together, one has plenty of time to think and act, but in a game that ends in 30mins or a maximum of 60minutes, one barely has time to understand what is going on. This is why a lot of players involved in this game, use the tool to come to their rescue. When there are more than 5 or 8people, they play on two tables; this is called multi table tournaments. If there is no bet limit, the games are said to start and end much faster. And if a person wants to participate in these games, they need to be there when the game starts till it ends, which is after a fixed duration, unlike other ring games where one can opt out anytime during the game. And the player must remember that the strategies and tricks to be used here have to be different from those in usual ring tournaments, again this is owing to its time restrictions.

While playing online, one must remember they need to maintain certain decorum, and cannot resort to unethical practices. And if they have been facing a streak of bad luck and have lost almost all their money, and need a break they might end up trying to cheat. Upon registering with the site, they will be assigned a username and password which will give them access in and out of the site, there are some who might resort to using their professional friends to play for them or give them inputs in case they can’t afford a Sit and Go Shark software. And at times, they might try to hack into the website, to see if they can manipulate the cards or the deck to deal in their favor. Another alternative is they could use other softwares available to get a sneak peek into their opponent’s cards, which might help them, but they might end up losing time in the process.